“SB-4 Anti-Criminal or Anti-Foreigner?”

SB-4 is not a new idea. Our representatives pat themselves on the back even as we witness Texas Representative Gene Wu weep recounting the humiliation of the World War II Japanese concentration camps. We have been down this road, we’ve tried scapegoating Immigrants and it had unintended consequences.

The current mindset among elected representatives is to go all in with red meat radioactive public policy by passing legislation like the recently passed Texas SB-4. Many of us are not aware though, that these anti-immigrant laws are being written by paid special interests very much like the private prison system, anti-any- kind of immigration, extreme right coalitions, often identified groups by The Southern Poverty Law Center, as white supremacist hate groups, such as Numbers USA, and those like them.

These type of laws have been passed in states such as California and Alabama. With what effect? Billions of dollars in losses to the economies of these areas. Some of the ramifications of these short-sighted politically weaponized laws are: crops rotting in the fields with no one willing to harvest them for low wages; all the trades slowing down and a manual labor shortage as families travel to other states; products and services skyrocketing from the higher cost to produce. Texas welcome to a brave new world with your hotel room is going up, the guacamole will be more expensive, and your reliable yardman moving away.  Schools, churches, and grocery stores will shrink from this mass migration on a grand scale from Texas where we do things in a big way. As the details of this passed legislation begins to take its toll on our communities, millions of Hispanics and minorities are sure to now register and vote. In California, former Governor Pete Wilson will go down in infamy as the politico to turn the state blue with his racist Proposition 187, targeting Hispanics. We at NHPO take a stand for common sense solutions to the complex social problems our ancestors have fled from in search of the American Dream. Get informed on the facts and then after you have carefully considered the reality of what just transpired with our democracy being hijacked by a noisy minority and the special interests, make your choice on what side of history you are on. We find that protecting the people and our economy is a priority. What do you think?

NHPO Editorial